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    Leap Frog LeapPad 2

    The LeapFrog LeapPad 2 is going to be an incredibly hot toy for Christmas 2012, and it’s no mystery as to why. It’s one of the best learning tablets on the market. With double the memory capacity of the original LeapPad, a sleek, attractive design, a multitude of games and apps, and close to flawless functioning, it will be hard to go wrong with this tablet. Plus, mom and dad just might be able to keep their own tablets a little longer. ($119.99)

    Leapfrog Pad 2
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    Hexbug Warriors

    HEXBUG always has neat products, and their Warriors line is no different. The tiny, robotic, Warriors use nano vibration technology to buzz around mock battle arenas and use various weapons (most of which actually move or spin) and interchangeable armor to bump each other until only the victor is left. An LED light on their back is the ‘health meter’ and goes from green to yellow to red as the Warrior takes each hard hit. When it goes red, it will automatically shut down shortly after. We have fished more than one HEXBUG from under the refrigerator through the years. ($47.95)

    Hexbug Warriors
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    Suspend is a must have game for this Christmas. To play, you start with metal rods of different lengths which correspond to their colored tip. For example, a black tipped rod is the shortest. Players then set up a hook from which you take turns balancing and hanging your rods without knocking the structure over. Literally and figuratively it will keep you in constant suspense. We have given several Melissa and Doug products to our children with great results. Durable and wonderful learning tools! ($16.99)

    Melissa and Doug
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    Razor FlashRider 360: It’s not your classic 3 wheeler.

    Move over Green Machine! Razor has upgraded the classic three wheeled bike into something truly impressive. Among other things, they’ve built the bike on a welded steel frame, added dual inclined casters for drifting, pumped up an impact resistant front wheel and…added spark cartridge. What all this adds up to is a bike that kids can cruise along on, and then throw showers of sparks when they drift. ($74.99)

    Razor Products
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    Remember Furbies? Yup, they’re back, and with more features than ever before they’re destined to become one of the hot toys for Christmas 2012. The cute interactive critters come in six colors, and your child can treat it like a real, live, pet. You can tickle Furby, talk to it, feed it, and even have them interact with other Furbies. Don’t pull its tail though-they don’t appreciate that. ($59.99 - $69.99)

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    Nerf Elite Hail Fire

    It’s the highest capacity NERF blaster ever. The N-STRIKE ELITE HAIL-FIRE tops out at an astounding 144-dart capacity (with the purchase of additional clips and darts). It holds up to 8 clips, and delivers a semi-auto barrage of darts as fast as you can pull the trigger. When you’ve got the HAIL-FIRE, you’ve got the ultimate in high-capacity blasting! Your cat will hate this toy. ($39.95)

    Nerf / Hasbro
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    Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle

    Defend the castle and the kingdom' s treasure with this Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle playset by Fisher-Price that includes the Good v. Evil knight set. It features all kinds of sound effects, a motion sensor to pick up incoming trouble, like dragons and ogres! ($49.97)

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    Nintendo Wii U

    The Nintendo Wii U is the latest and greatest video game console. It fits in naturally with your regular entertainment set up, but there’s one little bonus-the Wii U GamePad. Now, instead of being reliant on the T.V. screen for video games, you have your own screen to play on. If the T.V. is being occupied, there’s no longer any need to fight for screen time. The GamePad allows you to have your own personal gaming set up. This plus a number of other neat, truly futuristic features make it an impressive gift come Christmas time. ($299.99)

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    LEGO: Lord of the Rings

    Legos brings to life the incredible world of middle earth in the form of their Lord of The Rings play sets. With much attention to detail, they’ve replicated most all of the main characters and many of the movie scenes. There’s a kit to recreate Gandolf arriving in the Shire-cart, horse, and all, as well as a kit to recreate the battle in the Mines of Moria. Whether or not your child is a fan of Lord of The Rings, they won’t be able to resist getting caught up in the awesome world Lego has made available. ($49.95)

    Lego Gaming, Corp.
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    Tonka Tumblin' Chuck

    Somersaulting TUMBLIN’ CHUCK dump truck vehicle reacts to how you play! • Press his lights to start playing. • 80+ sounds and phrases! • He somersaults when you roll him backward! • After playtime, he takes a nap. • Watch him do jumping jacks, sit-ups and push-ups! • Load his bucket to see how much he can hold! • Move him forward fast to rev his engine! • He flips over and over! • Roll him to start playing his song. • The faster you roll him, the faster he plays his song! ($39.99)

    Tonka Toy Co.
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    Crayola Digital Light Designer

    Grab the digital stylus and get ready to draw in an amazing way—with colored, spinning lights! Drawing, special effects, animation, games, activities, and so much more—it’s hours and hours of creative fun! You can even sit back and replay your favorite creations as they appear to float in mid-air on the 360° surface. You won’t believe your eyes! My 8 year old son really wants this for Christmas. And, since he never reads any of his dad's writing, I can tell you, he's going to unwrap it Christmas morning. ($59.95)

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    Vtech Switch and Go Dinos

    The ultimate kids toy, Switch & Go Dinos easily transform between a dinosaur and a vehicle in a few simple steps. Switch & Go Dinos come equipped with an LCD screen for customizable animations, providing an imaginative and stimulating 2-in-1 play experience. In dinosaur mode, action buttons play interesting facts about each dinosaur, providing kids with fun and enriching playtime. There are seven durable, unique and collectable Switch & Go Dinos available ranging in price from $15.99 to $49.99.

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    ThinkFun Roll and Play

    Roll & Play is the first game ever designed specifically for toddlers! To play, simply toss the big plush cube and identify which colored side faces up. Choose a matching color card and perform the simple activity shown. “Make a happy face,” “Moo like a cow” the activities supported by Roll & Play are designed to help your child shine, supporting healthy development and celebrating success! Roll & Play is the ideal way to gently introduce play patterns and rules through a loving, joyful play experience! ($19.99)

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    Skylanders Giants

    Thousands of years ago, the Giants fought epic battles in Skylands but were banished to Earth. Now, the Giants have awakened and they're not a in a good mood. With a new threat looming, it's time to bring them back to join forces with the Skylanders to defeat KAOS. Only you can put them on the Portal of Power to unleash their strength in the ultimate battle to save Skylands! (Starter pack listed at $74.99)

    Skylanders Giants
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    Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

    A digital camera and fashion doll in one! Now girls can customize Barbie doll's graphic t-shirt with pictures they take — using the lens built right into the doll! ($39.99)

    Mattel / Barbie
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    Twister Dance

    This awesome dance game combines today's best dance music with the iconic TWISTER spots, providing a new way to learn hot new dances. You'll love learning dance moves by following the lights from the TWISTER dance console and dancing on the TWISTER spots. Fun for adults, too. Plus a great way to burn off a few of those "holiday calories". ($34.99)

    Hasbro / Twister Dance
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    Master Moves Mickey

    Anything involving a popular character like Micky is bound to be amongst the hot toys of the year. Known as “M3” Master Moves Micky is living up to these expectations of popularity. He hooks kids in as grooves to his own beats while doing interesting and sometimes downright impressive moves. Some of his dance moves include “The Insane Handstand” “The Windmill” and a full on 360. ($49.99)

    Fisher-Price / Disney
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    Hot Wheels Terrain Twister.

    The description is great. It'll run on snow, water, land, and anywhere in the house. I have not purchased this item but I have, however, did some research on it. The reviews are less than impressive. The main complaints are that the battery pack is sold separately. This will push it our of most parents price range. The other negative, and I think this is a big one, is that it just spins it's wheels on household floors, including carpet. Steering is also a noted problem. I believe there are much better remote control vehicles on the market, for less money. ($79.99)

    Mattel / Hot Wheels
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    Bop It Smash

    Bop It! is a brand that has built success on a simple concept: challenging your reaction time. Using a handheld game unit, players follow easy voice commands quickly and precisely, or they lose. It is straightforward and positively addictive! Bop It Smash takes the action one step further with moving lights, playing on an arcade theme that’s impossible to resist. ($21.99)

    BopIt Smash
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    Year of the Dragon Ultimate Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime is the mighty leader of the Autobots. With expertise in even the most exotic and powerful weapons systems and a huge array of devastating weapons built into his body, he is the most fearsome fighter against evil the universe has ever seen. The latest battle enhancement equipped by Transformers warriors is the incredibly powerful Mechtech weapons system! Optimus Prime and the Omega Combat Armor combine to form Ultimate Optimus Prime! Biggest Optimus Prime toy! ($49.99)