Want to get together with some friends for a last-minute spooky evening while practicing social distancing this Halloween?

Then the Heartland Country Haunted Corn Maze is the perfect place to be both tonight and tomorrow night.

From 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM tonight (October 30) and tomorrow Halloween night (October 31) the  Heartland Country Corn Maze will transform itself into a haunted attraction.

With it being in a traditional open to the elements corn maze, it's recommended by the staff at the Heartland Country Corn Maze to wear 'old shoes' so if they get a bit muddy it's no big deal.

I would wear some rubber or leather boots just to be on the safe side, you never know!

Also, make sure to bring a flashlight or two with you as it can get quite dark in those rows of corn.

This is a bit of a more mature corn maze, so for those who don't like to be scared or spooked fair warning.

From my prior experience, employees of the corn maze hide in the corn and have a chainsaw without the blade.

This way, it's perfectly safe and makes a ton of creepy chainsaw noises.

But be careful, they like to sneak up behind people just to make them jump out of their skin a little, what fun!

The Heartland Country Corn Maze is located at 27455 SD-11, Harrisburg, SD 57032.

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