The title is a bit misleading. It could be anywhere in the USA or anywhere in the world that receives snow for that matter. If you live long enough in one house you will invariably have the conversation. Which direction should you shovel or blow the snow?

We live on a north-south street. To me, it's a no brainer. Move the snow to the south or to your right when you open the garage door. But the wild card in the deck, if you have two people who drive to work, would be what way do you push it, when the wind hasn't come up yet.

Case and point. This morning my wife had to leave early to get to work. So she shoveled behind her vehicle. Yes, she received spouse points for the effort, but it left me with the conundrum later in the morning. Do I push my other snow to the north or to the south?

Those who are familiar with South Dakota wind know you don't mess with mother nature. You just help her get what she's going to move anyway, to the right spot. I knew that snow should push to the south, but I decided against it this morning. I pushed it north.

I could feel the neighbors looking and laughing as they drove by. They were thinking if we get a big snow and a big Northwind, that guy going to pay. You know what? They're right.

I'm hoping I'll be OK. Heck, one of the January snows we had actually blown in with a south wind. That doesn't usually happen though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

How about you. Do you have deep philosophical discussions like this over a cup of coffee in the early morning hours after a snow storm or is it just at our house that happens?

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