While many things on the 60s cartoon The Jetsons has come true such as the one-button coffee, house robots, and video chats, their famous flying car has not yet become reality. Or has it?

The first airborne automobile is raising some eyebrows as the first video shows it actually works. It's not in mass production and is merely a prototype at this stage but it has promise, says the creator, Prof Stefan Klein.

It can travel about 600 miles - enough power to get to the Black Hills for the weekend - and takes less than 3 minutes to transform from a convertible to an airplane. Named the Air Car, it runs on regular gasoline and is equipped with a BMW engine. You'll have to leave the kids home for that weekend getaway though as it holds only 2 people. One other issue is that the Air Car needs a runway to take off and land which puts a crimp into the backyard departures.

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According to the BBC, it can cruise at 105 mph and has been described as the love child of the Bugatti and a Cesna. The flagship company, Klein Vision, already has its eyes on America and hoping to convert small aircraft owners that this is the way to go for air transportation.

It's been called the "visionary landmark vehicle of the future" but has only spent a small amount of time in the air. Only about 40 hours so far. When it has successfully flown a million hours we'll talk. But so far, it looks ingenious.

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