For over 11 years, the Faith Temple Church in Sioux Falls has been doing its part to help fight hunger and food insecurity in the Sioux Falls area. With a humble beginning in May of 2009, the first giveaway was at the church parking lot where 69 people attended.

That number of people overwhelmed the parking lot and the giveaway grew each time. The need to move to a larger, indoor location was clear. In October 2009, the giveaway was hosted at the Armory Building at the WH Lyon Fairgrounds. The building provided cover in the extreme heat and cold that South Dakota weather brings.

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In 2013, the Nordstrom and Johnson families donated the funds needed for the church to build a permanent structure at the fairgrounds and the giveaways have been held there ever since. Today hundreds of people benefit each time the church hosts a giveaway.

Besides food, people can also claim items such as Bombas socks, oral care times, personal care items, and other essentials.

  • If attending the giveaway, be sure to bring your own container. A box, tub, or tote would work great. Make sure the container is strong enough to hold about 30 pounds of food.
  • The church does not require identification or social security card. The person who receives the items must be at least 18 and an ID may be asked to confirm that minimum age. Attendees may only go through the giveaway line once per giveaway day.
  • The Faith Temple Food Giveaway is at the Nordstrom/Johnson Building. Please use the north entrance to the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds off of Madison Street.

The giveaway will be held every Friday afternoon in October from 4 pm to 6 pm or until the food is gone. It's suggested you arrive early to ensure a space in line.

For information on how you can help out by volunteering or donating food, visit the giveaway's website.

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