When I was a kid, TV dinner night was kind of a treat. It was easy for mom, too. Take the frozen dinners out of the boxes, toss them in the oven for 45 minutes, peel back the foil, and, enjoy.

Then came the microwave and the foil cover was a thing of the past. Oh sure, you can still put them in the oven but the nuke method seems so easy...or is it?

Last night the kids and I, (my wife was working), had TV dinner night. That's four dinners to heat and eat. Easy? Well, let's take a look at some of the actual instructions:

Peel back film over dinner, leaving the corn covered. I don't have that magic. The whole film is coming off. Corn, you'll just have to deal with it.

Remove Gummy Snack bag before microwaving. When did this happen?

Remove chicken nuggets and set aside. Okay...let's just set them over by the hungry golden retriever...

Microwave 90 seconds and replace the plastic film. Doh! I threw that in the garbage already. You go corn, you can do it!

Remove brownie and carefully set aside. Continue to microwave for another 45 seconds. This thing isn't done, yet???

Stir potatoes and carefully replace brownie. Seriously? How you doing, corn?

Microwave for additional 30 seconds and pour sprinkles over brownie. What sprinkles? Oh, they're under a chicken nugget. Hope you like little melted stars, Noah. Dad messed up.

I heated three more dinners after this and finally sat down at the table to eat 35 minutes later. It really makes me miss the days when the apple cobbler ran over into the beans and the meat was swimming in some type of government gravy.

I'm going to bed now. My microwave needs a break, too.

My wife works again tonight. Where's that number to Pizza Ranch?

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