People ask me all the time why I ride my bike to work. The answer is always pretty simple: I needed to change my life.

But the reality is -- in the big picture -- that the bike saved my life. I was fat and getting fatter. I was depressed and going downhill. For whatever reason, I decided to ride to work. And it just stuck.

That was at least 15 years ago. I've lost track.

Beyond health, I like what riding a bike means for a city, for transportation and planning and for the environment. I like all of that.

But really, it's all about me. It makes me feel good.

Its a life. On Wednesday, when I walked out from work, it was pouring rain. It was unexpected and brief, but I wasn't too worried. I'm always ready for it. Or the cold, or wind, or snow.

It's a life.

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