"The Bible" miniseries debuted to 13.1 million viewers in its 8-10 p.m. premiere, making it the most-watched cable entertainment telecast of the year, according to press release from the network. That’s more viewers and a higher demo rating than any show on the major broadcast networks Sunday night.

"The Bible" premiered on the History Channel Sunday night. The new production is a 10-hour scripted miniseries that aims to take viewers on a dramatic, special effects-filled journey through the world's most popular book, from the story of Noah's Ark to the Exodus and the life of Jesus.

Filmed in Morocco and airing over five Sundays through March 31, "The Bible" spans hundreds of years of biblical history, beginning with the sacrifice of Isaac and ending with the meeting between Pontius Pilate and Jesus.

In between, viewers will see Samson destroy the pagan Philistine temple, David fight Goliath, the Baptism of Jesus and Christ walking on water, among other scenes.

Parents may want to watch it with their children as certain parts are quite violent.

'The Bible" airs on the History Channel Sunday nights at 7pm (CDT)

If you missed it and would like a look into 'The Bible' here's the extended trailer featuring never-before-seen scenes from THE BIBLE, the epic 10-hour miniseries from executive producers Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel) and Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, Shark Tank, Celebrity Apprentice).

As for my family, we really enjoyed the first episode and plan to watch the series to the end.