I am a huge foodie!  I just love to enjoy great food whether it's eating a homemade meal or savoring a delectable dinner entree at one of the many fantastic restaurants in town.  I have quite a few favorite foods, however, the one food I can’t ever imagine eliminating from my diet is....Mac and Cheese! I'm definitely not the only individual who can't live without the cheesiest of mac and cheese meals!

A new survey from the Southwest News Service (SWNS) shows the top ten foods that Americans simply can't live without.  The number one spot:  Mac and Cheese at a strong 45% of the survey.  The other top foods included butter, pizza, milk, bread, bacon, meaty kinds of pasta, cheese in general, hamburgers or cheeseburgers, and finally peanut butter.

So, the next time you're craving mac and cheese, where can you find the best mac and cheese in South Dakota?  Well...right here in Sioux Falls at Grille 26!

Best Things In South Dakota ranked all the restaurants in the state to determine the eatery that offers the best mac and cheese.  Not only does Sioux Falls take the number one spot, but there's also another popular Sioux Falls restaurant sitting in the second spot!

The Best Mac & Cheese In South Dakota? It's In Sioux Falls!

Well...now I'm hungry.  Time to each mac and cheese!

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