The greatest songs in country music do a lot of things. They make you laugh. They make you cry. They make you hurt. They make you heal. They make you think. But most of all, it comes down to one thing.

It moves you.

And the best of the best would make you do two things:  Turn it up...and listen.

Some people say those country songs, that kind of country music, is dead.  It's gone.  Rest In Peace.

They're wrong.

Those songs, those artists are alive and well and putting out the some of the best country music ever!

Relatively new artist's with names like Mary Sarah, Teea Goans, Gord Bamford, Marianne Allison, and others.  And the legends, the greatest names and voices in country music history continue to release new (and great!) music.  In recent months there have been new albums by Ronnie Milsap, Don Williams, Ray PriceWillie Nelson, 'new' Johnny Cash that was never heard before, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and....well, you get the idea.

Great country music isn't dead, far from it.  You just have to look (and listen) a little harder, search a little deeper.  The country music that isn't ashamed to be country is alive and well, it just isn't allowed to flow through the mainstream.

The best country song of recent years?

It could well be by a lady that should be considered for the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Her legendary Dad is there and she's had about a dozen #1 hits of her own.  And her latest is one of her best.

Rosanne Cash released an incredible album called 'The River and The Thread', from which this song came.  It's called 'Etta's Tune'.

Simple on the surface.  Deep in the message.  And moving.

It's what a great country song is supposed to be.


And now for the really great news! Rosanne Cash will be live at the Washington Pavilion Friday night, November 6. She'll be performing her 'The River And The Thread' album along with her hits from her fabulous 35 year career. Get your tickets here and get ready for a night of great music!