Ah, spring.

It's been a long cold winter, but now it's here. It's officially spring and you know what that means.

Birds chirping. Have you seen a robin yet? People out walking, biking, running. There's a lot to love about springtime, including...


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OK, maybe spring cleaning isn't something to love, but it needs to be done. It's time for the clean up, both inside and outside. And for the inside, well, you have an cleaning product right there in your home and there's a real good chance you're not taking advantage of it.

Hydrogen Peroxide. So what is Hydrogen Peroxide? Well, without getting into all the details (if you want you can do that here), for our purposes here, it's one amazing cleaner.

The First For Women website has a list of things you can (and should) use Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning, including the following:

Now then, the spring cleaning is done at last! Doesn't that feel good?

So head on outside and enjoy our beautiful spring weather.

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