UPDATE 12/15/20:

According to Dakota News Now, all four lanes on the 26th Street Bridge is now fully open to traffic. The 'Raise the Road" project that has been underway for two years is in the final stages of completion. The city still needs to work on sidewalks and the bike path under the bridge, but those projects shouldn't impede traffic.

Original story --

Friday the 13th isn't always bad luck. For commuters on the east side of Sioux Falls, today is a lucky day.

Southeastern Ave has officially reopened connecting traffic across 26th Street. The "Raise the Road" project closed the intersection for over a year as crews built up the road surface and poured concrete.

According to the City of Sioux Falls Street Department, Southeastern isn't completely open to four lanes as of yet, and turns from Southeastern onto 26th Street remain restricted. They suggest finding another route if you need to turn onto 26th Street. The city has set up temporary turn signals at the intersection.

Crews are performing another pour on the north side of the 26th Street bridge and that will be followed up with another big pour soon. Officials say that if the weather holds out, it's possible the concrete pouring on the bridge could be completed by month's end.

The total project remains on schedule for a July 2021 completion.

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