Last night a statistic popped up that there has been 13 quarterbacks that have started for the Vikings in Adrian Peterson's career. Here they are.

As soon as the statistic popped up, I had a pretty good idea of all 13. There was a couple of them that I needed an extra second or so, but I was able to get them all. Looking at Twitter last night, it became a game to figure out all 13.

Adrian Peterson started his career with the Vikings in 2007. That season, Minnesota was led at QB by Tarvaris Jackson (yes, remember him?). He wasn't alone though. 2007 also saw Kelly Holcomb and Brooks Bollinger get the start at quarterback. Don't remember Bollinger getting a start? Probably for the best, he got smoked 34-0 in Green Bay.

2008 the Vikings road the Gus Frerotte train for the majority of the season. Jackson finished off the year after Frerotte got injured. The Vikings would go on to win the NFC North and get bounced in the playoffs by Philadelphia.

Who could ever forget 2009? The plane was sent down to Mississippi to get the old gunslinger. Brett Farve played all 16 regular season games for the Vikings that year.

The next "new" quarterback for the Vikings would come in 2010 when Joe Webb started two games. Remember when there was a time when people were calling for Joe Webb to be the full-time starter when he was the backup to Christian Ponder? Oh yeah, we'll get to Ponder in a bit.

Before we get to the former 1st round pick, the Vikings took a shot with former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb in 2011. McNabb started the first six games (going 1-5) and was relieved by Ponder who played the remaining 10.

Ponder continued to run through 2012 as the full-time starter but the narrative would change in 2013. Matt Cassel entered the fold for six games and the DISASTER game of Josh Freeman was that season. We're better off forgetting about the 5-10-1 season that 2013 brought.

2014 started with Cassel as the quarterback with Teddy Bridgewater taking over in Week 3 due to a season ending injury to Cassel. Bridgewater would not play with Peterson until 2015 though because of Peterson's child abuse case.

Bridgewater played every game in 2015...but was injured just prior to the start of the current 2016 season. The final two quarterbacks that Peterson had start in front of him are Shaun Hill and Sam Bradford.

To recap...

The 13 Different Starting Quarterbacks for Adrian Peterson
2007 - Tavaris Jackson
2007 - Kelly Holcomb
2007 - Brooks Bollinger
2008 - Gus Frerotte
2009 - Brett Favre
2010 - Joe Webb
2011 - Donovan McNabb
2011 - Christian Ponder
2013 - Matt Cassel
2013 - Josh Freeman
2014 - Teddy Bridgewater
2016 - Shaun Hill
2016 - Sam Bradford