A man nearly left $150,000 on the table when he lost a winning Powerball ticket. That's not all; he found the ticket just days before it was going to expire.

Anil Philip from Michigan bought a Powerball ticket for March 14, 2020 drawing. As COVID-19 began ramping up, Philip decided to put the ticket away for a while to wait for things to calm down before claiming the prize.

Flash forward to March 2021. Philip told Michigan Lottery officials that he forgot where he placed the ticket.

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"I like to play the Powerball game and was so excited when I found out I won $150,000," Philip said. "I won the prize right when COVID-19 hit, so I decided to wait to claim the prize. I ended up misplacing the ticket and just found it a few days ago."

I could only imagine the panic he felt after finally finding the ticket and then realizing it was set to expire in a few days. That's a lot of pressure!

Philip didn't let the ticket leave his hand before taking it to the lottery headquarters to claim his prize.

"I was so relieved and excited to have found it just in time before it expired," Philip said.

Philip plans to pay off his student debts with the winnings.

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