When I was a kid, the bottom drawer under the oven was the broiler. It had a broiler pan and that is where we would cook a steak or toast the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes.

Today, most ovens have a drawer under the oven, but it's not a broiler. I didn't realize there was actually a purpose for this drawer, besides being a place to hide pots and pans.

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That drawer does have an intended purpose. According to Delish.com, that drawer is actually a warmer drawer on many models.

Some models may still call it a storage drawer, but it does work as a place to keep your rolls warm before a big Thanksgiving dinner.

To determine if your mystery drawer is a warming device or just a storage drawer, check your owner's manual. Not all function as warmers.

Doesn't a warm roll with butter sound good right now?

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