Texting and driving is so 2013. The latest craze is taking selfies while behind the wheel.

Just when you thought all you had to worry about was the knucklehead out there texting while driving, here comes something else even more alarming, the person who feels the need to take a selfie while attempting to use a motor vehicle!

News flash! Your car does not make a good photography studio, especially while you're driving it!

Vanity knows no boundaries as one in 14 people admit to have taken a selfie while motoring down the road. That stat actually increases to one in nine, for people 18 to 24.

People 18 to 24 are also twice as likely to use social media while driving too.

There's no hard data yet as to how many accidents people have caused by taking selfies while driving, but there's definitely something morbid about the idea of your duck face hitting Instagram or Facebook mere seconds before you buy it in an automobile accident.

Common sense would dictate that using a phone in any way while behind the wheel dramatically increases your risk of crashing, killing, or seriously injuring yourself or someone else.

But we all know that people with an abundance of common sense can be a little hard to come by some days.

Need some proof? Check out this statistic, according to a recent NBC investigation,  more than three million pictures were filed under hashtags including #drivingselfie, #drivingtowork and #ihopeidontcrash. Yikes!

Source: PR Newswire