We've all seen the calendars that feature stripped-down firefighters, stripped-down athletes, stripped-down models, stripped-down farmers and even stripped-down gals ice-fishing. But Texas photographer Ricki Beason wanted something different.

With a love of taking pictures of shelter pets that are in need of a forever home, Ricki Beason decided to approach Texas combat veterans and ask for their help in getting these shelter pets, which are often overlooked, placed with a family that will love them forever. With a goal of finding veterans that also have a love of rescue animals, Beason's Heartthrobs and Hounds 2016 calendar idea was born.

But finding homes for these shelter dogs isn't the only reason why Beason chose the shirtless Texas veterans. With every branch of the military represented in the calendar, Beason believes her calendar will also help raise the admiration level for those that have served our country.

Beason points out that the veterans in the calendar are NOT models (though after seeing the pictures - they should be!) and YES, the pets they are showcasing are really up for adoption.

All of the proceeds from the Heartthrobs and Hounds 2016 calendar go to animal shelters and rescues in Dallas, Houston and Austin. You can order your copy by visiting Beason's website.

Source: META

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