I can't believe these disgustingly sweet ovals have been around since 1963! I don't remember when the members of my family first became aware of them, but I don't think it was that long ago. Our first reaction upon their discovery was one of delight, I mean what could possibly be wrong with anything the Cadbury company produced?

We had been big fans of anything Cadbury, since very early in our childhood. Our parents had introduced us to Cadbury Finger cookies when we were little and Cadbury Fruit & Nut bars were our Mom's favorite candy bar, bar none (pardon the pun)!

So if Cadbury was producing an Easter egg that looked like a raw egg covered with Cadbury chocolate, it must be wonderful. Right? Nope. Don't misunderstand me, I like sweet stuff, love chocolate (especially dark) anything, so that is not the issue, but syrupy to the point of sugar hangover is just not for me.

My nephew Bubbi, however, loves these little sugar bombs more than he loves me and he loves me a lot! If you've noticed, over the last couple of years, they now bring these little sugar-coma-inducing gems out at Christmastime. So now my nephew gets these along with the usual Christmas chocolate delicacies.

I will admit I do enjoy the caramel and chocolate-filled versions of this product, but rarely go out of my way to purchase them. I'll tell you another not-so-secret, secret about these elliptical glucose delivery systems. Cadbury stopped using real dairy milk chocolate in the shell of these little buggers back in January of last year, to the outrage of its biggest fans. And like every other food product these days, they are smaller and cost more.

But just in case you love them as much as my nephew does, you'll have to check out this article from Delish.com with recipes for everything from Cadbury Egg Smores to Cadbury Eggs Benedict!

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