Sioux Falls Police are making headway on the crimes committed during the Sioux Falls riot that occurred May 31 at the Empire Mall. Two more people have been arrested and one person has been identified and a warrant issued for attempted murder.

Dakota News Now (Used with permission)
Dakota News Now (Used with permission)

Dakota News Now is reporting that police have identified 17-year old Decimas Jesus Laurelez who was seen on video throwing rocks and then later pulling a handgun, pointing it in the direction of officers at the riot and firing several shots in their direction. The warrant was issued on Saturday, June 6 for attempted murder, aggravated assault on law enforcement, and riot. The warrant carries a $100,000 cash bond.

The two 17-year old juveniles are Gerard Amos Vanderwalker and Gavin Mason Rosheim. Both have been charged in adult court on aggravated assault on law enforcement, riot, and refusal to disperse from unlawful assembly charges, according to Dakota News Now.

This brings the number of people who have been charged in the riot to seven.

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The Result of The Sioux Falls Protest


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