Looking at my calendar, I noticed that my routine 6-week appointment to my hairdresser is next week.  Before I found my stylist, Robyn of Robyn Thompson Hair Studio in Tea, South Dakota, this routine trip would often cause me stress.  It took me a long time to finally trust someone that would give me just what I wanted....every time I visited the salon.

I know I'm not alone with trust issues and hair.  Women will go to extremes to be happy and to find someone they can trust every time.

I wouldn't give up my stylist, Robyn, for anything.  And I know many of my friends love their stylists, too.

But, I think I have found one reason to possibly change my salon choice.  And I'm pretty sure other women would join me in a change of salons if there was something to lure them away.  Like....maybe someone cleaning the front window of the salon?  I'm just guessing that getting an appointment at this salon (if it were real) would be pretty difficult.

Even though she doesn't need any help, maybe next week when I visit Robyn, I can discuss with her the need for a "window cleaner".  (wink wink)

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