20 Things You’ll Find In Every South Dakota Home
We have so many things in our homes. Some things are junk or half-used but others have great sentimental value to us.
Regardless of what an item means to us at the end of the day, I bet that most South Dakotans have these twenty items in their home; or at least most of us do...
'Neon Light' Heard R&B Style
Fans of the TV show 'The Voice' know the judges are always reminding the contestants to make the cover songs they are singing "their own."
Sioux Falls Home Hit by Lightning
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
(Story from Jerry Dahmen-KXRB News)
A late night lightning strike damaged a home in the 1400 block of South Hillview Road in Sioux Falls.
Captain Nick Luther says Sioux Falls Fire Rescue crews were called about 11:10 Monday night to a report of a lightning strike...