130 lb. Weight Loss Surprise
If you made a New Year's Resolution to lost weight and get healthier, this guy is just the inspiration you may need. 
Lucas Irwin lost 130 lbs. in a year!  As if that wasn't cool enough he didn't tell his parents he was working on his fitness
My 10 Best Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off
My weight is on my mind every day. As many of you know, I lost a little over 50 pounds 3 years ago. I was tired of wearing 38 inch pants that were too tight. I was tired of being winded when I got to the top of the stairs. One flight! I was tired of being tired.
What to Eat Before a Race
You ever wonder about those long distance runners and what they eat the night before and the morning of a big race?
Recently, a niece of mine and a coworker and his wife ran in the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon.  All three avid runners and are in very good health...