The Swon Brothers leave you reminiscing about an ex with "Don't Call Me," the first single from their Pretty Cool Scars EP. If you can get past that bad memory you'll find a sharp country-rocker to relate to.

Colton and Zach Swon's most emotional single to date finds them on that dangerous (but familiar) edge of falling back into a bad relationship. It's a topic that's demanded a lot of country ink through the decades, but one that's as timeless as love and death. Despite both being in longterm relationships, the Swons sing the song like they ran into this bad idea last night.

Strong storytelling is what separates this version of the Swon Brothers from the duo we met shortly after The Voice several years ago. All five songs on their new EP showcase them as songwriters and lyricists first, and then add melodic hooks and production. "Don't Call Me" is a leaner, more mature single that shows tremendous growth.

Listen to the Swon Brothers, "Don't Call Me" 

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The Swon Brothers' "Don't Call Me" Lyrics:

Why’d you let me pay the band / To play our favorite song again / Why’d you let me kiss your lips / Let me think I had a chance / Why’d you let me pick you up just to leave the scent of your perfume in my truck / Why’d you wait to say what you said / Until your second glass of red.

Don’t call me / We’ve been here before / Don’t want me if you don’t want something more / Don’t need me / When you’re lonely at 3AM asking me to come over again / So I can hold you, I already told you / I can’t do that anymore / If you’re gonna go then go, don’t let my phone light up / I know you know I ain’t strong enough to keep myself from falling / Don’t call me.

Why’d act so into me / Sneaking out like we were 17 / Why’d you let me have a first and last dance, and 100 in between / Why’d you ask for promises that you knew you couldn’t keep / Why’d we make those front porch plans if you knew it wasn’t me.

You know I’m gonna pick up the phone / We’ll pick up where we left off / Don’t call me.

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