Lauren, a producer on The Bobby Bones Show, who is also a Swiftie, weighed in on the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift relationship.

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Lauren has been a fan of Swift her whole life and she loves their relationship and thinks it’s not fake and they will get married. Bobby BonesLunchbox and Eddie are not too sure. Lunchbox thinks it’s just a PR stunt and it’s annoying how much attention they are getting. Bones is not sure if it’s a PR stunt but does think that it is suspicious, they chose to go public right when Swift’s The Era’s Tour Movie was coming out. Lauren defended it by bringing up that the NFL admitted they pushed the TV networks to air a free promo add for Swift’s movie.

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Lauren explained that neither Swift or Kelce need PR since they are both extremely popular and successful in their own right, and with the international leg of Swift’s tour starting soon, it does not make sense for her to fake date an American football player. Even if it is a fake relationship, it’s fun to watch because it’s like a rom-com come to life! Lunchbox said he’ll only believe it’s real if they end up having a kid together. Bones is not sure what it would take for him to believe it’s a 100% real relationship.


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