Remember the good ole' days when the only time you could get Peeps was during Easter?  Now it seems those marshmallow treats are everywhere.

The days of yellow, pink or blue Peeps has quickly turned into Peeps for every occasion!  A Peep lover can get the sweet treat in just about any color, size or shape.  You can still buy the original Peeps, but now fans of the Peeps can get them chocolate covered or in any of your favorite flavors.

While shopping with my family, I'm never surprised when I get to the check-out and find a mysterious package of Peeps in my cart. It happened again this weekend.

Normally, I would immediately start asking questions about how these sweet treats ended up in my cart for purchase, and then look from one guilty face to the other.  But this time, as I noticed the package of Peeps in my cart, I was hesitant to question.  Because these Peeps come with a purpose.

A portion of the purchase of the 'Sweet Lemonade' flavored Peeps is supporting a foundation for childhood cancer. That foundation is Alex's Lemonade Stand.

Shortly before her first birthday, Alexandra "Alex" Scott (1996-2004) was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer.A determined and courageous little girl Alex set up her first lemonade stand when she was four years old, after she received a stem cell transplant in 2000.  Alex raised about $2,000.00 to give to her doctors to help other children like her.

Every year after Alex and her family continued to have lemonade stands, raising funds for childhood cancer research. People from around the world also joined in with their own lemonade stands and donated the money to Alex and the fight against cancer.

Alex lost her battle at the age of eight, but with the help of many, millions of dollars have been raised towards her dream of finding a cure for childhood cancer.

The fight against childhood cancer continues however, and you can help by setting up a lemonade stand or donating to the cause.

Maybe I've missed seeing these 'Sweet Lemonade' flavored Peeps on the store shelves, but knowing that some of the proceeds helps support the commitment to end childhood cancer, I will be hoping that my family slips more of them in my cart!

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