The suspicious package that showed up on the doorstep of a southwest Sioux Falls home on Wednesday, (May 30) was actually sent to the home by mistake.

ATF officials informed KSFY TV of that news on Thursday. According to the report, recipients living in the area of 54th Street and Bonnie Court thought the box delivered contained products from an online service sent to them on a weekly basis.

Kurt Wheeler with the ATF told KSFY TV, they discovered the package was not meant to do harm after an investigation.

KSFY reports the Sioux Falls bomb squad did detonate the package as a security measure.

Captain Loren McManus told KSFY, the package delivered this week to the recipients did contain a second box within it. After examining the box, the residents felt it looked suspicious, and called authorities. According to McManus, the box was clearly marked as an explosive device. "The question is how did it get to that point, and we don't know. Somewhere between the sending point and to where this couple lives, this package was opened and the second box was put inside it. That's really all we know. We don't know where it happened at, or what the time frame was."

A continued investigation is planned by either the FBI or ATF regarding the incident.

Source: KSFY TV

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