A suspect who led Sioux Falls Police on two-foot pursuits is now in custody and faces a long list of charges.

On Wednesday, Sioux Falls Police detectives were following up on a case when they saw a couple of suspects who they were looking for sitting in a car at the Ramada Hotel parking lot on West Russel Street. As police rolled up on the scene, they saw a woman sitting in the car and a man standing outside. When the man ran into the hotel when he saw the police.

Dakota News Now reports that 36-year-old Justin Andrew Walker discarded a handgun from his waistband during the chase through the hotel. Walker ran outside of the hotel where police caught up to him and placed him under arrest. Police say Walker received minor cuts and scrapes while being taken into custody. An ambulance to transport Walker to a Sioux Falls hospital.

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When the ambulance arrived at the hospital, Walker, who was still handcuffed, fleed again. Officers who were following the ambulance found Walker nearby and he was taken into custody again.

Walker was arrested for parole violation and now faces fleeing police, resisting arrest, possession of a firearm by a former drug offender, and drug charges. Police say Walker was in possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. Walker is not allowed to have a firearm and police are unsure how he got the handgun as it was not reported stolen.

Police identified the woman in the car as 36-year-old Cassie Lynn Harrison. She was arrested at the hotel for various outstanding warrants. Police say they found meth in Harrison's purse.

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