Dakota News Now is reporting that a new piece of huge artwork is hitting a wall in Sioux Falls. This huge new mural was commissioned by the owner of Stan Houston and Super Mario fans will absolutely love it!

Fargo artist Lauren Starling was contacted by Stan Houston Equipment's owner after he saw one of her murals in Fargo. She started working on it in June and the old-style Mario mural is close to being finished.

Working for 10 hours a day on the 214-foot-long, and 20-foot-high Super Mario mural has been gratifying for Starling. There has been a lot of lookie-looing action going on while she's been working and to see all the people who played Mario Brothers when they were young making stops to see it is a kick for her.

I wanna make them feel excited. We’re really lucky this piece is located off a pretty busy street. Hopefully, maybe somebody is running errands and they drive by it and see it and are like, ‘That looks like a video game. I wanna go over there, check that out!’ I want people to be excited and drawn to it and check it out. - Artist Lauren Starling via Dakota News Now

If you'd like to see the artist at work, hurry. She'll be finished soon and you can see it on the Stan Houston Equipment building, just off of West 12th Street across the street from Wells Fargo bank.

Sources: Dakota News Now and Wikipedia

Iowa Palmer Company's Twin Bing Products

Can you even really claim to live in this part of the country if you've never had a Twin Bing?


"It consists of two round, chewy, cherry-flavored nougats coated with a mixture of chopped peanuts and chocolate. The Twin Bing was introduced in the 1960s," -Wikipedia

Not only has the TB been a staple of the Sioux Empire for over half a decade, but the makers of the classic candy have also infused the unique cherry and chocolate flavor into lots of other things.

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