Summer 2015 is looking to be a banner movie season. Hopefully I'll not have too may letdowns (I'm looking at you After Earth, Oblivion and Into the Storm). I can't wait to see these summer 2015 movies - when they hit various streaming services this fall.


First up is a move I've been tracking the production of, and actively avoiding any plot details of, since 2012: Avengers :Age of Ultron. ScarJo, Cap and Spader together on screen makes my geek heart explode.

Mad Max: Fury Road check so many of my entertainment boxes. Post apocalyptic setting? Check. Lots of stuff blowing up? Check. Kick-ass female character? Looks like it. Bane? Kinda.

San Andreas looks like it could be my Into the Storm of 2015. A big disaster movie with lots of clever destruction with a clunky, forced family subplot. But, it starts The Rock, so it has that going for it. EVERYBODY DOWN!


The only movie I'm really looking forward to in June is Jurassic World. I saw the original several times in the theater, even though those kids were super annoying I loved it. The second one is great too, and it seems that I am the only person that will admit to liking the third. Sure there are many flaws. But, Dr. Grant is back, the kid is useful and not annoying, there's a Spinosaurus and Pteranodons, the guy that played Mr Noodles - there's lots to like.

Jurassic World could top them all. Judging from the trailers and other pre-release stuff they seem to have some clever ideas in the movie that connect it to the Jurassic Park universe. All that energy, money and research that InGen did to create the dinosaurs would not just be left and forgotten. Some entity would buy it, and as it seems in the film, reopen the park and make it a success. Hammond's ideas were right on, it was his execution that was flawed. And of course they would continue the research - and still not fully understand what they're dealing with.

Plus, the movie stars Chris Pratt, who is sooooooooooo good in everything he does. He's so good that he would have made the Twilight movies watchable. He'd make a live reading of the Twilight books exciting. Heck, he could probably convince me that the Twilight books are better than The Vampire Chronicles. And we have Judy Greer, Lauren Lapkus, Vincent D'Onofrio in the movie - and Dr. Henry Wu is back!

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