Radio has been a big part of American life and history. From the time Guglielmo Marconi developed the first radio device back in 1900, it has evolved into the constant companion that many of us enjoy daily. We enjoy our favorite stations in our cars, homes, work, on our smartphones, and other electronic devices.

Approximately 156 million people listen to AM / FM radio daily which makes up about 63% of all U.S. adults ages 18 and older.

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So what kind of a radio listener are you? NPR and Edison Research recently conducted a study on radio listeners and identified that there are six distinct types of listeners.

These are the six types of radio listeners. Which best describes you?

  1. Radio Heads: Makeup 9% of listeners. This group listens for all of their audio needs and therefore listens to the most radio.
  2. Connection Seekers: Makeup 16% of listeners. They listen for company and connection.
  3. Infomaniacs: Makeup 18% of listeners. They listen for news and information.
  4. Rhythm Rockers: Makeup 27% of listeners. They listen to the music.
  5. Laidback Listeners: Makeup 17% of listeners. They listen to the radio only in the background.
  6. Habitualists: Makeup 13% of listeners. They listen to the radio when it's the only option available.

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