If you've ever wanted to hang out at a beautiful acreage without all the mowing and hard work, I highly suggest spending some time at Strawbale Winery.  Don and Susie South take care of all the details to create a beautiful setting among the farm buildings and vineyards for you to enjoy.  Last Saturday at the Folk off and Rib Competition, a group of us enjoyed the day and concluded if we ever owned a place out in the country like the Strawbale Winery, that we'd never take the time to actually sit and enjoy the surroundings because we'd be working so hard to keep everything up.

There still is more summer to take at least one trip to the Strawbale Winery.  Thursday Summer Porch nights feature food trucks, vendors and live music.  Sangria Sundays are picnicstyle where you bring your own food, choose from two kinds of Sangria, soak up the music and let the kids feed the chickens.

Our Blue Twilight Band sang recently at Strawbale Winery's Folk Off Competition.  Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting local music.  Here's one of our songs.