Love and Theft might soon have a new member, if Stephen Barker Liles’ son Jett has anything to say about it. The singer's 3-year-old has been showing off his skills lately in a handful of videos, including this one, which features Jett and his dad jamming together on their guitars in the living room.

Liles and his son strum along on their acoustics to Love and Theft’s “Love Wins,” a somber reminder of what’s important and how we should love one another.

Though a bit quieter than his dad, Jett plays and sings with intention and passion, strumming just about the same rhythm. Impressive for a kid of just three years, but he’s clearly got it in his blood.

The guys of Love and Theft were signed to Curb Records last year after enduring being dropped by RCA earlier in their career. Their first single from the label, "Candyland," dropped in October, and now, "Love Wins" is turning heads for its authenticity and positive message.

"To see the life and energy it has taken in that short time ... is unlike anything I've been a part of in my 11 years here in Nashville,” Liles says of their new song. "We are excited to put out 'Love Wins' because of how much it means to us and our families and because we hope this song will have a lasting impact on the hearts of everyone who hears it.”

Liles and his wife announced at Christmas time that they are expecting another child — this time, a girl. Just one more addition to their future family band!

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