The day that all 'Twin Bing' candy fans have waited for has finally arrived.  Stensland Family Farms has partnered with the Palmer Candy Company to create the new Twin Bing ice cream!

The local favorite ice shop made this exciting announcement over on its Facebook page.  Not only can you order this exclusive Twin Bing ice cream at  Stensland Family Farms, but also bring it home in quart-size containers!  According to its post, "This ice cream features Twin Bing bars, chopped peanuts, cherries and fudge blended in a cherry ice cream. Pickup quarts of this fan-favorite at any of our Sioux Falls stores and farm store TODAY or get fresh dipped in a dish or fresh-made waffle cone!"  This sounds like a pretty sweet treat!

Twin Bing fans can visit any Stensland Family Farms locations in Sioux Falls to pick up this new ice cream.  Plus, ice cream lovers in Iowa can also grab their Twin Bing treat at the Stensland Family Farms' store in Larchwood.

Believe it or not, the Twin Bing ice cream is already flying off the shelves!  According to a comment on Facebook, Stensland Family Farms tells its loyal customers they already had to restock its shelves at all of the Sioux Falls store locations. They are now limiting customers to only two ice cream containers per purchase. The Twin Bing ice cream is still available to purchase from the dipping cabinets.

I have to be honest.  I have never actually tried a Twin Bing.  Shocking I know.  I may have to make a stop at Stensland Family Farms in the next coming days to try the new Twin Bing ice cream.  Any dessert with fudge involved is worth trying in my book!

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