When the Minnesota Vikings traded Stefon Diggs to the Buffalo Bills they knew that they were giving up a star wide receiver but fortunately for Minnesota they found a star immediately in Justin Jefferson.

That said, all metrics aren't created equal and Diggs continues to be a bigger star in the sponsor world than the Jefferson.

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In fact, Diggs is more marketable than any current player on the Minnesota Vikings roster according to a recent study from the Action Network.

Diggs is ranked No. 18 sandwiched in between players like Chase Young and Gardner Minshew.

Here is a look at the complete Top 20 list of most marketable NFL stars.

RankNameNFL Influence Score
1Tom Brady12.02
2Odell Beckham Jr.10.64
3Russell Wilson8.60
4Aaron Rodgers8.35
5Myles Garrett8.22
6Patrick Mahomes8.15
7George Kittle8.04
8Josh Allen7.97
9Antonio Brown7.86
10J.J. Watt7.76
11Derek Carr7.56
12Joe Burrow7.49
13Travis Kelce7.37
14Rob Gronkowski7.37
15DK Metcalf7.28
16Chase Young7.24
17JuJu Smith-Schuster7.17
18Stefon Diggs7.11
19Drew Brees7.07
20Gardner Minshew7.03

The Action Network used the following criteria to come up with their scores and rankings.


To collect the information, data was gathered from the social listening tool, HypeAuditor as of 6th October 2021. Using various metrics, Action Network analyzed the number of posts, followers, engagement rate, audience quality, authentic engagement per post, real follower percent, influencers percent, suspicious follower percent, audience quality score, audience reachability percent, average likes, average likes comments, and yearly growth. Each metric is weighted with a score of 1 with a maximum score of 14.


Secondly, to create the ‘Audience Performance Index’, certain demographic and economic factors were considered. Again, these were weighted as 1 with a maximum score of 2.


Finally, to create the ‘Interest + Likability Performance Index’, Ahrefs keyword explorer was utilized to reveal which NFL star receives the most monthly Google searches around the globe. Linkfluence was also used to reveal which NFL stars created the biggest online buzz over the past year. The positive and negative sentiments were weighed as 1 with a maximum of 4.


Following on from this, the three indexes were then summed and ranked to provide the final data set. The final score was out of 20.

It will be really interesting to see the marketability of Diggs vs. Jefferson in the coming years as JJ continues to emerge as one of the best wide receivers in the entire National Football League.

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