Although not everyone in the world is a fan of eating fish, in some cases, eating fish is considered somewhat extravagant as well as a fancy delicacy. Oysters are a type of fish people really don't eat very often. However, they are considered a delicacy in most formal situations. This is mainly due to their price. Delicacy or not, oysters may not be the wisest food choice to eat when it comes to your diet.

Like any fish that's raw or cooked, there are some risks that people should consider before consuming this particular type of fish. This includes the chance of contracting some type of food poisoning. Well, recently a couple of Minnesotans did risk eating some raw oysters that were originally from a specific bay in British Columbia, Canada. I think you know what happened next...

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According to a recent article from Food Safety News, health officials across the country have been urging the public to not eat raw oysters from this Canadian Bay. Some people have been diagnosed with norovirus, a pretty contagious virus that is mainly found in raw fish like oysters. In other words, food poisoning. I'll spare you the details of what you can expect in the event you ever contract norovirus.

Food Safety News is reporting that numerous states have residents who have norovirus. One of these states includes Minnesota. So far, 29 residents have experienced this type of food poisoning thanks to these raw Candian oysters. Food Safety News explains:

The Minnesota Department of Health, Hennepin County Public Health, and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture are working with federal officials and public health agencies in other states and Canada to investigate norovirus illnesses associated with oysters harvested from Bay 14-8 in British Columbia.

If you are experiencing a bout of food poisoning and have recently visited the Travail Kitchen in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, health officials are suggesting your food poisoning issues quite possibly came from this establishment.

So if you're a Minnesotan battling food poisoning, it's best to just rest and let it pass...literally. Oh, and maybe stay away from the oysters for a brief period of time.


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