The snowplows belonging to the South Dakota Department of Transportation tasked with keeping the state's roads and highways free of snow during the winter months have all been given names thanks to a recent contest.

Residents participating in the statewide contest got to show off their creativity, according to Dakota News Now, which resulted in some very funny names being chosen.

For instance, the next time we encounter another round of snow, which might be yet this week by the sounds of the forecast, you could see a plow named "Walther the Salter," "SnowBeGone Kenobi," "Frosty the Snowplow," and "Thaw Enforcement" clearing a South Dakota street and highway near you.

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Bruce Schroeder, an Aberdeen Area Engineer, told Dakota News Now, the statewide snowplow contest was a way to help call attention to South Dakota's revamped 511 road conditions website, as well as connect the Department of Transportation to communities and plow operators across the state.

Chaz Shuff, a DOT Highway Maintenance Worker here in South Dakota told Dakota News Now, “I think it’s a great way to get them to kind of personalize a truck, so they can see them and kind of be happy that we’re out there. And not, that we’re not so much of a hindrance, but we try to help the public, and it kind of makes it a better way to kind of get involved with us.”

As you know, snowplow operators perform a very important and tough job during the winter months here in the state. Without them, there would be no travel on those harsh snow-filled winter days. That's why the South Dakota Department of Transportation reminds residents of the importance of following safe winter weather driving practices with their 'Don't Crowd the Plow' campaign.

For complete details, visit or call 511 before you hit South Dakota roads the next time it snows.

Source: Dakota News Now

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