The Powerball for Saturday, October 20, 2018, is up to 430 million dollars. and if you live in the state of South Dakota, I got some bad news, the Rushmore state is not one of the states delivering many lotto winners.

According to Cheatsheet, they recently crunched the numbers to determine which state produces the most lottery winners. As turns out, the state of Indiana has had the most winners with 39 in total including two winners that won the largest jackpots in history.

Rounding out the top 5 are:

2.) Missouri-31 winners

3.) Minnesota-22 winners

4.) Pennsylvania and Kentucky-18 (tie)

5.) Louisana-17 Winners

I know the numbers aren't very good but we have had 6 winners in the state. The most amount of money went to a gentleman in Mission, South Dakota where he won an astonishing $232,100,000. Tune in Saturday night to see if you are the 7th winner ever in the state of South Dakota.

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