Ever wonder why on most airplanes you're only allowed to enter and exit through just one door? Well, one airline is experimenting with a new system that would let passengers choose between two doors - one in the front or one in the back.

Southwest Airlines, the airline known for the saying, "You are now free to move about the country," is now testing the idea of using two doors rather than one to load and unload passengers, making it easier and faster to get on or off the plane.

Currently, at four smaller airports in California - Burbank, Long Beach, Sacramento, and San Jose - Southwest is giving passengers a choice between boarding and deplaning at the front of the aircraft, using the jet bridge, or at the back of the plane using stairs.

It's not clear how long the test phase will last, or what impact it might have on Southwest's open seating policy. All I know is I sure hope other airlines take notice and start to offer something similar here in Sioux Falls and well as other airports. Personal opinion here, but It's about time the airlines do something positive for the passengers.

Source: Consumerist

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