What happens when you team up a corrections officer and a salesman who both know their way around great barbeque? You get Southern Perfection BBQ.

The staff at Results-Townsquare Media in Sioux Falls recently gathered in the break room to 'break some bread.' That Bread was provided by Southern Perfection BBQ.

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I was late to the party, but as I hit the break room I heard co-workers saying things like, this is the best BBQ I've ever had. Anywhere. 

After eating, I cornered Chris Glover. Chris and his wife Joanna were cleaning up and getting ready to head out. I asked them, where did you learn to cook and prepare like that? Chris told me;

We were both influenced by our parents, and friends who came over. We would exchange ideas about where they had had good Que. Myself, learned from Joanna's Dad, who when he got too old to cook told me I was going to do it. But he told me exactly how to do it. Her father used to thrill dinners around Georgia back in the day and would travel around with Pop-Ups to feed the people.

I asked was a pop-up today's food truck? He said, Yes it is!

He added, "Ours is actually a food trailer. We knew we wanted more than just a truck so we bought a trailer and specially designed it as a place to smoke, and a place to serve from."

The food was great. The brisket, the ribs, the mac and cheese, and potato salad. I told Glover I had to go back for seconds on the potato salad, he smiled and said, that is my wife's doing. It's a recipe she had handed down from her mother (German) and she added a special twist to the salad. I tried to get that ingredient out of her, but never could.

You might see them around Sioux Falls. It's a Blue Trailer pulled by a black pickup truck. But if you're lucky you'll smell them first! Wherever they go, it smells awesome and tastes even better. Southern Perfection BBQ.

Check out their Facebook page for stops where you can get some, and take home to the family. If you do, you'll be back!

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