Every once in a while we catch wind of stories like these and they take your breath away. These are the stories where a young life is taken too soon. They are also stories where the community wraps their arms around the family to both support and remember. This story is about Brooklyn Zimmerman.

You might have heard, Brooklyn was taken too soon in an automobile accident near Freeman, South Dakota. It wasn't till I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed that I learned more about this 'cowgirl.'  The photo shows Brooklyn as comfortable horseback on a hot day at Stockmen's as most would be poolside at a fancy resort.

The photo of Brooklyn was taken when she was working with Stockmen's Livestock in Yankton. If you take a closer look at the photo you see a 'shotgun rider' sitting right behind her. That's Sage. According to her obituary, wherever Brooklyn went, Sage went.

Whereas it's difficult to hear stories like this, it's refreshing to see communities huddle together and say, 'what can we do, and how can we do it?' The crew at Stockmen's Livestock in Yankton, South Dakota are doing just that. According to their Facebook page:

Wednesday, September 16th, We are having the Brooklyn Zimmerman Memorial BBQ sale! We are expecting 4000 reputation calves & yearlings off grass, and tested open heifers. We will be honoring Brooklyn Zimmerman who was our faithful and loyal co-worker that we tragically lost recently. At 12:00 noon we will say some words in Brooklyns' honor, and auction off a few items. The dinner proceeds and auction items will go to the family to help with funeral expenses. Everyone is welcome. Please share!! For more information go to our web site at stockmenslivestock.com

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