At what point does a four way stop become a stoplight to help traffic move more efficiently? I ask because there is major traffic overload daily a mile south of 85th and Louise Ave. on County 106.

Woe to the driver who is hitting the intersection on a morning or evening drive time. Bring a book, go to town on a Chalupa, work on the Henderson account. You'll be there for a while. Or you can play the game where you see how far you can roll without hitting the brake to avoid rear-ending the car in front of you.

I'm not sure exactly how many minutes it took to get through but I do know it was one song by the Rolling Stones, one song by Bruce Springsteen, and part of a Night Ranger.

This would be nothing to New Yorker, but it seems a bit ridiculous with corn on all sides.

I'm sure the south side construction has contributed to this daily mess. However, from that intersection there are cars as far as the eye can see, especially to the west - which seems to have a back up all the way to I 29.

Other areas that have become overwhelmed when a 4-way stop can no longer move the traffic efficiently have been switched to stoplights. Why hasn't this one? Is it a county issue? Is it a city issue? 

Either way, it has several south side commuters wondering when - if ever - there's going to be a traffic light here.

Danny V
Danny V

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