Have an interesting pet or looking to get one? Check this out from South Dakota Exotic Animal Laws before you go trying to adopt one.

You need a zoo permit to harbor a raccoon dog. That's a real species. It's a small wild dog with a black facial mask and long fur, native to the forests of Asia.

You can keep one raccoon as a pet. If I learned anything from The Great Outdoors movie, these things can communicate. That's probably why you can only have one.

You'll need a 14-day temporary permit or a zoo permit to own a bear. Since they don't sell bears a PetSmart we should be okay here.

You can actually own a jackrabbit. Just one, though. You can also have one coyote. But can a Jackrabbit and a Coyote live together in the same house? Not likely as they are bitter South Dakota college rivals.

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Somewhere, one night under a full moon, a wolf and an aardvark had feelings for each other. Romance bloomed. It probably started like Lady and the Tramp - with a strand of spaghetti and the aardvark gently nudging the meatball in the wolf's direction. The next thing you know, the aardwolf was born. While this might still be a Disney film waiting to be made, you need a zoo permit to keep aardwolves in South Dakota.

If no one is laughing at your dad jokes, perhaps you need a hyena. You're guaranteed a laugh every time. But you'll need to do the paperwork on a Dealer Auction Permit.

You may keep one skunk as a pet. Just make sure to snip the stinker gland first (this can be tricky as they don't like this) or you'll be bathing in tomato juice by sundown.

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