South Dakota has a diverse economy. We seem to have it all, a robust agriculture sector, one of the leading medical systems in the country, a strong banking presence and tourism in the Black Hills, our economy is well equipped to handle a national recession that might prove to be detrimental to other states.

As well rounded as our economy is, there is one sector that provides the state with its top export; agriculture. The five most valuable agricultural products in the state are cattle, corn, soybeans, wheat, and hogs.

It's the last entry, hogs that, according to 247WallSt is South Dakota's top-selling export. Over 1 million pigs are raised here annually. The report says that even though South Dakota raises more commercial cattle, pork leads the way as the state's number one selling product.

South Dakota farms sold $14.1 million in pork during 2019, making up more than 10% of all state exports. The report says pork exports grew over 20% from 2018 to 2019.

A lot of those hogs go through the Smithfield Food plant in Sioux Falls, which produces about 5% of the country's pork.

The top-selling product in neighboring states are:

  • North Dakota - Crude oil
  • Nebraska - Soybeans
  • Minnesota - Medical equipment
  • Wyoming - Carbonates
  • Iowa - Tractors
  • Montana - Tabacco cigarettes. 247WallSt says cigarettes are packaged in Shelby before they are shipped internationally.
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