Before we get to South Dakota's most-searched-for Halloween costume in 2021, let's reveal the top costume in the US. According to Google Trends complied by, it should be no surprise that anything related to Squid Game would be the most popular nationwide.

As far as South Dakota goes, FatherMag says it's a princess. I've dated a few princesses in my life, but that might not be what we are talking about here. Down in Nebraska, Squid Game leads the league. Over in Minnesota, the dinosaur is at the top of the list. In Iowa and North Dakota, the kids, and kids at heart, want to dress up like Harley Quinn.

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Back to the Squid Game costume; not only is it the most-searched-for costume in the US, but it is also the most popular worldwide.

Squid Game might be the most searched for in the country but it 'only' leads in nine states. It's at the top of the overall list because it's the most searched for in highly populated states like California, Texas and New York.

However, there is one costume that grabbed a total of 19 states and that's the old school witch's costume. Princess is tops in 10 states, Curella has seven, and a dinosaur rounds out the top five.

FatherMag analyzed data from Google Trends from September 9 through October 9, 2021.

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