There's nothing better than fall camping in South Dakota - and if you like to add a little scary folklore to your overnight trip there's a campground that boasts an interesting paranormal legend.

The Sica Hollow State Park may look like an ordinary camp spot but may hold an eerie secret. Long ago, the Santee Sioux named the area near Sisseton, Sica Hollow. Sica means "bad."

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The first white man to call Sica Hollow home was named Robert Roi in the early 1840s. Even the local Indians thought he was crazy for calling this deep mysterious ravine home and refused to set foot in there fearing for their lives.

Legend has it the French fur traders and the Native American tribes witnessed the springs feeding the river "gushing with blood." Although historians will say it's mineral water, for the sake of the story, we like the chilling folklore instead. Throughout the 1970s there have been reports of people disappearing without a trace, supposedly by a Neanderthal-type man who roams the woods near the creek. Many people joined the hunting parties for the missing persons and many admitted that they were looking for some sort of beast.

Fast forward to today and people who spend the night here often say they can hear chanting late at night. And, according to Legends of America, others report seeing ghostly figures of late Indian braves.

All terrifying legend aside, if you'd like to enjoy this Sica Hollow and it brilliant foliage - especially heading into fall, add 44950 Park Road, Sisseton, SD. into your GPS.

Sleep well.

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