My son Tad and I checked out Northern State University over the weekend. We were up for a campus visit.

While we were there, we got together with Logan, our other son and went out for dinner. While were eating, I asked Logan where he would like to go to pick up some groceries. He said, 'either Walmart or Kessler's.

I can go to Walmart any day of the week so I decided that Kessler's would be a good idea. I don't know where it came from, but he mentioned that Kessler's 'claims to have the largest selection of wine in South Dakota.

Aberdeen? Have a bigger wine selection than Sioux Falls?  Could it be?

Now, I know that having a huge selection isn't the 'end all' when it comes to anything. But I was curious. We headed off to the store and much to my surprise, they were having a wine 'tasting.' Bonanza.

Now, don't get me wrong. I 'was' pretty much a beer drinker, but it 'sticks to me' horrible. In order to stay a little slimmer I've opted for wine recently.

When we stopped in, I sampled a few. Some I had tried before and others that I hadn't. Then one of the ladies that was doing the sampling, looked around and said, 'here, you should try some of this.'

When she reached under the counter, I got to thinking, 'now we're talking.' I took a smell, then a sip and knew that I was tasting something I don't get every day.

I asked her what it was. She said a name I couldn't pronounce. I asked how much. She said $142. I just about choked. She said, that would be a savings of $32 today if you buy it. Then I did choke. Just a little bit.

You see, I grew up drinking beer. Busch Light to be precise. Because I didn't want to spend more for Bud Light. You get the idea. I'm a bit of a cheap skate. But I have to admit that the more expensive wine does indeed taste different. Tastes better.

I did pick up a bottle of wine to take home, but didn't spend 'nearly that much.'

But what do you think? Hy-Vee folks have anything to say about Kessler's 'claim' of having South Dakota's 'largest selection?  How 'bout Taylor's Pantry. JJ's? Booze Boys? I know some places have a great selection, but this place Kessler's is pretty extensive.

I'd like to know what you think?