These days, popularity is not something we see associated with our politicians on a regular basis. But when it comes to ranking the most popular United State Senators, South Dakota's contingent is doing quite well.

In a recent poll conducted by Morning Consult, South Dakota's Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds rank among the five most popular.

Thune, who began his Senate term in 2005, is second on the list with a favorability rating of 62 percent, just one percentage points behind the most popular Senator, Independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Rounds, who has been serving in the U.S. Senate since 2015, is fourth on the most popular list, with a 58 percent favorability rating.

In the spirit of true bi-partisanship, there are two Republicans, two Democrats, and an Independent on the popular list, a trio of Republicans and a pair of Democrats on the least popular list.

MOST POPULAR U.S. SENATORS (favorability) 

  • Bernie Sanders (I), Vermont - 63%
  • John Thune (R), South Dakota - 62%
  • Amy Klobuchar (D), Minnesota) - 60%
  • Mike Rounds (R), South Dakota - 58%
  • Jack Reed (D), Rhode Island - 57%


  • Mitch McConnell (R), Kentucky - 56%
  • Jeff Flake (R), Arizona - 51%
  • John McCain (R), Arizona - 46%
  • Claire McCaskill (D), Missouri - 44%
  • Heidi Heitkamp (D), North Dakota - 44%

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