I recently had the opportunity to road trip to the middle of our great state of South Dakota. My venture took me to the Kennebec area. Along the way out, I was busy checking crops and nice and green it is again this year. It's really a pretty nice drive.

After crossing the Missouri River at Chamberlain one of the most beautiful things you will see anywhere any time started to pop up. I believe it was around Reliance. Sunflower fields in full bloom.

On the way out they weren't quite positioned for a good photo. They kind of follow the sun throughout the day, but on the way home?  Wow. At one field around Lyman, a little ghost town between Kennebec and Reliance I counted 5 cars taking photos of one particular field.

I'm not sure what I was impressed with more, the fact that the fields were gorgeous, or that other passers-by also noticed the beauty. If you check out Travel South Dakota you will see an awesome cache of South Dakota Sunflower photos;

South Dakota consistently ranks as one of the world’s top sunflower producers. This makes late summer an amazing time to experience gorgeous yellow fields that seem to stretch forever.

South Dakota is truly an awesome state on so many levels. This time of year and any time of year, if you just slow down to take a look. And occasionally stop and take a picture!

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