A Sioux Falls woman has been arrested and charged after her theft went predictably wrong.

According to Dakota News Now, 49-year-old Jeannette Weiland allegedly stole a checkbook out of a Sioux Falls man's truck. With that checkbook, she wrote herself a check in the amount of $1,600, and then signed it with the name of the victim's wife.

Weiland then took that check to the bank to cash it, of course, where they always have video surveillance running whether the bank is open or not. Cashing a check also identifies the bank where it was cashed to the bank from which the checking account is held. Not seeing the folly of this plan, she made off with the cash.

When the victim went to close the account on Monday, he discovered that the checks were gone and money had been taken out of the account. While I am sure that Sioux Falls police are good at the investigatory part of their jobs, they didn't need to be particularly skilled in this case. Bank security footage identified Weiland as the one who did indeed cash the check made out to herself.

She was charged with possession of stolen property, identity theft, and forgery. According to the Minnehaha County Sheriff's office inmate listing for Weiland, she is also being held for a speeding ticket of going over 80 mph on an interstate highway.

Worst Places to Live in South Dakota

A surprising town was named the worst place to live in all of South Dakota and the reason behind it is a bit unexpected.

Money Inc. made a list of the 20 worst cities and towns to live in all of South Dakota and no part of the state is left unmarked.

The list focused on a number of key factors, including crime rate, unemployment, low wages, and school funding.

So which city is the "worst" in South Dakota, according to the article? Read on:


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