You've been waiting for that crazy exciting day when your partner finally pops the question and they finally do. Be prepared to wait even longer before the wedding, at least if you live in the 605; and it's worse in Iowa.

According to a study done by Shane Co., South Dakota waits for the longest to get married after they put a ring on it. The average time from accepted "will you marry me?" to "dum dum duh dum" is 37 months. Yeah, 37 months. Over three years to finally walk down the aisle.

Iowa drags their feet to the ceremony even harder. The Hawkeye State is sixth slowest at an average of 40 months before heading down the aisle.

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Minnesota is a little quicker to get to the nuptials at 27.4 months while Nebraska is closer to their neighbor to the north at 34.3 months.

The longest engagements in the country are in Ohio where the average engagement is 4 years, a full 48 months. Alaska is second with 43 months and Maine was thirds longest at 42.

Three years sounds absolutely crazy to me because my wife and I only waited 8 months to tie the knot. But we were quite a bit older than the average couple getting hitched in the survey. The average couple was between 23 and 27, had been dating 13 to 18 months, and had been in two serious relationships before the "one."

Why do people wait so long? The study didn't specifically go into those details, which would be hard to narrow down, but they did find the factors that had the most impact on the timeline, longer or shorter. Pressure for the romantic partner moved the timeline around more than friend and family pressure or seasonal or holiday pressure but was about the same as just going along with normal societal pressure.

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